Geek T-Shirts


Geek T-Shirts


…and all I got was this lousy Geek t-shirt!


Geeks rejoice! In this Brave New World, gamers, modelers, costume enthusiasts and all ‘round nerds aren’t the bottom of the bully barrel! While haters are focused on hipsters, Nerd-dom can get its freak on and fly the colors with dorky pride. And these days, get chicks too in your engaging geek t-shirts.


Now, with mainstream places like Target, Kmart and Wal-Mart jumping on the ironic t-shirt wagon, we’re not in particularly new territory here, but saying it in graphically on a comfy tee is a time old tradition. Americana at its finest and our gift to the world. Everyone is doing it, you should too!


Geek t-shirts are in a league of their own. I love the complicated math ones personally, but don’t like giving the person sporting the brainy threads the satisfaction of knowing I’m working on it, unless I am gazing upon a ravishing she-geek.


-I love 3.14- is a good one, easy to figure out anyway. Mmmmm, pie…


It would be worthy of a minor degree sorting out the messages across any given narrow chest on the MIT campus at lunch time, a BS in t-shirts.


You a nerd girl? Check out Amy the Mad Nerd Girl shirt section for the Mad Nerd Girl in you.


Jocks are all about letting you know the sports team affiliation they worship, Trailer Folk the stock car-super star, Heads love to display their favorite classic rock band and Hippies, well anything tie-dye with dancing bears. Geek t-shirt are different, they are really the domain of the individual in every real sense. I think the effect of two Geekos running into each other at a Battlestar Galactica party in the same mc squared equals e t-shirt would be about the same as two society dames showing up at some swanky event in the same designer dress. Oh the embarrassment! The era of the geek is here, it is resoundingly cool and with the next few leaps in technology, will prove to be enduring. Smart is hip, smart is sexy and darn it, smart is fashionable! Carry on the geek- t-shirt revolution.


I recently put a badge on my old Ford Focus that says “Infinite Improbability Drive” from Douglas Addams’ Hitchhikers Guide books. I can assure you very few people in the Midwestern U.S. city I live in have any idea what that means. I love it, I feel special, though not elitist. I’m part of a very exclusive club and someday, someone will get it and we will be friends forever. That is a powerful thing in a big world where it is so easy to feel lost, lonely and, let’s face it, alienated.

So, keep ‘em clean and pressed, or crumpled with Kung Pao chicken spilled down the front, drink your coffee with the chemical compound for coffee on your sexy black t-shirt. Just do it.


Be proud geeks, your time is now and you have the geek t-shirt to prove it!