Computer Tech T-Shirts


Are you a computer tech?  Then you will love these computer tech t-shirts, because there is no better way to express yourself than with a great t-shirt.  Your new computer tech t-shirt will be the start of all your next conversations, and all your fellow co-workers will want to know where you got it.  Just like a few of these great choices from our awesome collection of t-shirts.

Our Property of Computer Department t-shirt is great to wear it around the office, so all of those calls you take will remember you are from the computer department.  Be the cool guy with the awesome t-shirt, but most likely show all those callers, who you are, because we all know that their short term memory, is like a gold fish. Like for intense, when they call you because their computer doesn’t work, and you say “turn it off and back on again”, and they say “I tried that and still doesn’t work”, we all know though, that they didn’t even attempt to do it, because they are too busy talking to their friends on the phone.  You could probably say just hit it with a hammer and see if it works, well actually, they would probably hear to you then and actually do it, and blame you for it.

The t-shirts from Mad Nerd are made with 100% ring-spun cotton, for that soft comfortable feeling, its like a nice soft silky smooth fabric that is like a ocean breeze.